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for ECCED 2019-20

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To educate, inspire and guide students to nurture lives of elementary children intellectually, spiritually, socially and physically. To continuously transform and set a standard for Early Childhood Care Education. 


To create an Environment of lifelong learning with rich values that build strong character with an aim to engage, enable and empower the future generations.


Diploma in Early

Childhood Care and Education

Our Beliefs

All students have a fundamental right to receive instruction from a trained professional teacher.

All teachers have a responsibility to their students to provide them with the best possible Educational experience, which requires professional-level training.

Our program enables citizens to enhance their skills and makes our world a better place by promoting tolerance and mutual understanding through exploration.


Empyrean offers a comprehensive Diploma course in Early Childhood Care and Education which is designed for both aspiring and working professionals who want to gain a deeper understanding of teaching young learners aged 0-5 years.
Empyrean aims to train aspiring teachers and ingrain the necessary skills in them to become effective early childhood educators

The course provides teaching proficiency, which will help students to teach and care for young learners and to expand their thought process, leading to creativity and innovation.

Combining a wealth of expertise and commitment to excellence we provide the finest training and personal guidance to enable students from all walks of life to live their dream of exploring the teaching field.

We are committed to complete transparency and integrity in representing who we are, what we do, and what we stand for.


Course Benefits

Hands on learning experience as an Assistant Teacher at Empyrean School.

The teachers are empowered to use technology as a part of the teaching process.

Opportunity of potential employment at Empyrean School (completion of course is not a guarantee for employment)

The trainees are taught suitable techniques to handle students at different levels and in different situations.

Training enables trainees to interact with and help children who face learning difficulties.

Course Specialization

English Language Teaching

Classroom Management

Education Management

Early Childhood Art & Craft

Course Curriculum

ECCED curriculum is based on theoretically and developmentally sound practices that cater to children’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional development.
The curriculum is Structured and Developmentally Appropriate.
It is based on Brain Research with which we create rich experiences and positive interactions which impact learning, attention, memory and behavior in the child.
The curriculum focuses on

Multiple Intelligence approach by Howard Gardner

The Play method by Frederich August Froebel

The Montessori Method by Maria Montessori

Integrated Approach built on Brain Research by John Dewey

Cognitive Development by Jean Piaget


Curriculum Plan

300 hours of Intensive Curriculum
120 hours of Theory Sessions
120 hours of Practical Internships



Paper I    – Understanding and Principles and Practices of ECCE

Paper II  – Child Health Care and Nutrition

Paper III  – Child Psychology and Development

Paper IV  – Organisational Management.


Practice Teaching Lessons
Skills Presentation
Filed Visits
Case Studies
Teaching Aids
Importance of Play
International Teaching Methods
Curriculum Planning
Co- Curriculum Planning
Reports Writing
Submissions and Assignments


Practitioners will enhance their skills and personality by attending workshops held by experts from various fields of specialization on topics like;Multiple Intelligence,Art and Creativity,Phonetics,MS Office in order to acquaint with the need of present generation and required competencies of teachers and to equip them to face consistent changes in the field of education.


Trainees will receive intense training and practical knowledge in all areas of classroom management by observing and interacting with teachers and children during their internship period throughout the course.


Graduate /Undergraduate(minimum 12th Grade) from any recognized university is the minimum criterion for enrolling in the course.


Course Duration: 10 months
Theory Class: 12 pm to 3.30 pm
Internship: Weekdays Monday to Friday 9 am to 1 pm

Career Opportunities

There are abundant job opportunities for ECCED teachers on successful completion of the course. There is a significant demand for certified childhood educators across schools which go hand in hand with its growing popularity.

The course gives an insight to the future educators with a strong foundation and knowledge on the principles of early education and provides job prospects to candidates who will become competent to work an early childhood educator, center administrator and early childhood education director.

The course could also be immensely helpful for early childhood curriculum developer, course coordinators, consultant associated with pre-schools and even for those planning to open a pre-school.


Who can take this Course

Students aspiring to become Preschool teachers

Home Makers – who want to enhance Parenting skills

Mid-Career Professionals looking for change in Profession

Budding Entrepreneurs who intend to start their own pre-school

Curriculum Developers

Feed the mind

Free the imagination