What is the teacher-student ratio?

Empyrean School endeavours to understand each student personally so that we can give the individual attention that’s required by each student. The teacher-student ratio is kept appropriate in every respect for different grades.

For Pre-School, the ratio is: 1:15
For all other grades, the ratio is: 1:30

In what way is Empyrean School different from other schools?

Empyrean School is committed to unlock learning opportunities with a new-age philosophy and a futuristic approach. It stands out from other schools in four fundamental concepts:

a) Quality and consistency of curriculum

  • The curriculum is thoughtfully scripted to give guidelines regarding teaching methodologies, content, delivery and experiential learning based activities. It includes worksheets, teaching aids, toys, AV presentations and, resource notes. Further, it
  • gives our teachers ample time to focus on classroom implementation and execution,
  • The coordinator to teacher ratio is restricted to enable stringent monitoring and class observations followed by regular on-the-job training.
  • A Quality Assurance and Mentoring Team observe the work of teachers and coordinators regularly
  • Trainings and workshops by internal and external trainers help the faculty to continuously upgrade their knowledge and skills.
  • The school and classrooms are designed keeping in mind the students’ needs; thus ensuring their comfort and active involvement.

b) The curriculum is based on the experiential and active involvement of the students.
It focuses on making learning an enjoyable experience and is marked by unique characteristics, comprising:

  • Integrated, interdisciplinary and theme-based guidelines for ingraining the concepts.
  • With a new-age philosophy and a futuristic approach we work towards a model that encourages creativity and innovation in and out of the classroom. It inspires students to develop intellectual and personal fortitude to realise their dreams.
  • The School follows an integrated approach based on activity-based experiential learning and a research-based study. This includes field trips to propagate learning beyond four walls of a classroom and to develop higher order thinking and problem solving abilities.
  • A challenging programme designed to address multiple intelligence in students.
  • Active encouragement to students to boost their confidence and motivate them to explore, learn, analyse and apply knowledge.

c) A holistic approach towards learning
It emphasises on academic, social, physical, aesthetic and spiritual growth of students.

  • The School Integrates Moral fiber in the curriculum to inculcate the values.
  • Visits to orphanages, old age homes, adopting villages etc.: These are conducted under Helpage Empyrean: A social work club set up in the School.


d) A special focus on Sports and Performing Arts: All students actively participate in the activities of their choice and abilities. We offer curriculum guidelines for a range of sports. We offer facilities for football, basketball, skating, volleyball, throw ball, lawn and table tennis, chess, yoga, gymnastics and archery.

Do you have a student exchange programme?

We are considering various proposals for student exchange programme and we will soon update all, about the same.

Is Smart Class offered at Empyrean School?

Smart class is a preloaded resource material, which is not mapped as per the School’s curriculum and methodologies. This is generic in nature, that’s why our teachers prepare our own A/V presentations focused on activity-based and experiential learning.

Is there any help in the school to attend to students’ needs, especially those who are not toilet-trained?

Yes, we are sensitive towards every need of our younger students. We have a team of ancillary staff to help students at every step of their growing years.

Are the members of the faculty qualified? What is the selection criterion?

All faculty members at Empyrean School are recruited through a stringent HR procedure. We ensure that the teaching staff is qualified, accredited and competent to deliver curriculum effectively and efficiently, without any compromise in quality.

How does the school enforce discipline?

We follow a structured discipline policy, explained in detail in the School Diary. The school has various counseling sessions that help us look into disciplinary issues effectively.

What are the benefits of a CBSE School?

The Central Board of Secondary Education is a Board of Examination of the Central Government for school level in India, with an intensive syllabus. It teaches basic concepts, while developing the subject around it to make it more advanced. In CBSE system of teaching, there are more objective type questions that, which prepare students for national level and competitive exams. It aligns with our progressive ethos of developing holistic individuals, where values are cultivated through an integrated curricular approach. By devising student-friendly paradigms, we focus on building new teaching methodologies that encourage academics and activities alike.

What do the terms ‘Scholastic’ and ‘Co-scholastic’ mean?

The term ‘scholastic’ refers to those aspects, which are related to intellect or the brain. It includes assessment of learners in curricular subjects, assignments, project work, practical and oral work etc. The term ‘co-scholastic’ refers to those aspects that are related to hand and heart. These include psychomotor skills, physical development, life skills, attitude, values, interests and participation in co-curricular activities.

How is a student helped in case they find a particular topic/subject difficult?

In the Primary section, we have assistance periods, which are specially meant for providing help to individual students to strengthen their weak areas. In the Secondary section, we understand that subjects are more complex by nature. That’s why we have different subject teachers and students are given guidance during their free periods. Parents are kept informed and involved as there may be extra practice work to be completed after school hours.

Does the school give importance to our culture and human values too?

Yes, we maintain a culture of mutual respect, empathy and acceptance. We believe in honouring and valuing all members and maintaining keen sensitivity and consciousness of the world around. We also have specific grade-wise activities like the school fête where all the proceeds are donated to charity homes. Moreover, students are encouraged to be a part of the SSR Activity (School Social Responsibility), which gives them an insight into our social responsibility. In lower grades, storytelling technique is utilised to instill our culture and values in them.

Is there too much of homework and/or project work?

Homework and/or project work is assigned on a time specific basis to enable students to ingrain their concepts. Home-work is generally sent on a Friday for completion, and students are asked to bring it back to the School on the following Monday.

How often are field trips organised?

We organise two to three field trips per term (4/6 annually) depending on the grades. The trips are educational in nature and compliment the learning process. Parents are informed about the trips well in advance.

Does the student have to carry a heavy bag every day?

No, all students are provided with cubby holes/lockers where they can keep their books securely. Only the books required for homework need to be carried back home.

How do you ensure safety on the school campus?

We believe that students’ journey to, from and within school should not only be convenient, but should also be trustworthy. We have a student, visitor and pick up identification system, a CCTV on campus in addition to a gated complex with assigned security. We also offer a supervised, yet free learning experience. For extra safety measures, our teachers accompany students on any learning related activity outside the school.

Will the school fees remain the same or change through the years?

School fees are subject to change to keep up with the inflation rate and the running costs of the School.

How does the School ensure a safe bus service?

We provide a GPS enabled, RTO compliant pick up and drop facility. Our lady support staff is present in each bus to monitor the students. All the buses have a first aid box along with a fire extinguisher.

What will be the fee increase each year?

The School fees may increase at 5 to 8% yearly.